Jury Trial (2015): Count 1) Penal Code § 242/243(e)(1) (Domestic Violence Battery) ,Count 2) Penal Code § 594(b)(2)(A) (Vandalism)

Client was charged with domestic battery against his girlfriend. Client allegedly struck his girlfriend and choked her. Prompt investigation revealed a different story. Also, client was charged with committing vandalism in the home by damaging certain property within the home. Jury Verdict: HUNG JURY! The jury was unable to make a decision as to either count. Count 1 was 8 Not Guilty and 4 Guilty, Count 2 was 10 Not Guilty and 2 Guilty! Client faced potential deportation if found guilty as to count 1. By having a hung jury I was able to negotiate with the DA and arrange for an immigration safe plea which involved no jail time, no 52 weeks of batter’s treatment classes, and no 20 hours of community service as the original offer required. Client ended up entering a plea of no contest to count 2, had to do a few hours of anger management, and the case can be expunged from his record after completing probation. Client is very happy!

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