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Law Office of Conrad J. Kuyawa: Aggressive Criminal Defense in Pittsburg, California

The Law Office of Conrad J. Kuyawa is a top resource for Pittsburg, California residents slapped with criminal charges. We have an impressive track record, having repeatedly garnered favorable results for our valued clients.

The Implications of Criminal Charges

A criminal record can have a devastating impact on your career, your personal life, and even your self-esteem. Depending on the severity of handcuffs on a wooden flooryour sentence, you may be forced to pay extensive fines, complete dozens of community service hours, participate in a drug treatment program, or even spend time behind bars.

Unfortunately, the consequences do not end after you have served your full sentence. You may spend years on probation, leaving you at higher risk of further sentencing. Additionally, you may struggle to secure employment or housing. Employers are not supposed to discriminate based on criminal history, but that doesn’t always stop them from turning down applicants with a record. Landlords are even pickier, and many will refuse to even consider those accused of committing petty misdemeanors.

Working With a Pittsburg Criminal Defense Attorney

Your criminal defense attorney plays a critical role in all aspects of the criminal justice process. He or she can accompany you during initial questioning, ensuring that you do not accidentally incriminate yourself due to the stress brought about by overzealous law enforcement officials. From there, your attorney assists you with arraignment, plea bargaining, and courtroom appearances.

Whether your favored approach is to negotiate a reduced sentence or try for a complete case dismissal, you can count on us to keep you informed and to advocate on your behalf every step of the way. When working with alleged criminal offenders, we employ a proactive approach, defending each client aggressively. All individual meetings with clients are respectful — the last thing alleged offenders need is to face unwarranted judgment from a Pittsburg criminal defense attorney.

Do not let criminal charges ruin your life. With the right attorney on your side, you can avoid the harshest repercussions of the criminal justice system. Conrad J. Kuyawa is an excellent legal advocate to have on your side during this difficult time, so feel free to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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