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Landlord-Tenant Representation at the Law Office of Conrad J. Kuyawa

At the Law Office of Conrad J. Kuyawa, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional representation for the landlords and tenants of Pittsburg, California. The region has a strong rental market, and therefore, plenty of potential for major disputes. We offer a range of legal services for both landlords and tenants, who possess distinct concerns but the same need for aggressive representation.

Common Landlord-Tenant Disputes

A variety of circumstances can cause conflict to arise between landlords and tenants. Typically, these problems are best avoided by drawing up a detailed lease that outlines both the landlord and the renter’s responsibilities. Unfortunately, leases don’t always prevent disputes, particularly if one or more parties fails to abide by the terms of the lease.

The following are a few of the most common sources of conflict among landlords and tenants:

  • Maintenance issues or failure to maintain a habitable living space
  • Late or unpaid rent
  • Retaliatory eviction
  • Subleasing property without the landlord’s permission
  • Forfeited security deposits
  • Discrimination during or after applying for a rental property

Working with a Pittsburg Landlord Attorney

Both landlords and tenants deserve high-quality legal support when disputes arise. On the landlord’s end, the right attorney can help prevent a range of legal issues by carefully examining leases and providing feedback on compliance. If a legal conflict with a tenant arises, we’ll represent your best interests through every step of the legal process. A prompt and favorable resolution can help you hold problematic tenants accountable, while also preserving your reputation as a landlord.

Legal support is also essential for renters, who can benefit from the assistance of a trusted Pittsburg tenant attorney. At the Law Office of Conrad J. Kuyawa, we represent tenants who have suffered wrongful eviction, inhabitable conditions, or the loss of their security deposit. No matter the nature of your legal concerns, we’re happy to provide the compassionate, yet assertive representation you require.

Whether you’re an aggrieved landlord or tenant, you deserve to work with an assertive attorney capable of delivering a favorable resolution. Conrad Kuyawa is the perfect legal advocate to have in your corner; he provides personalized service and a proactive approach to landlord-tenant disputes. Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more.

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