Landlords and tenants undergo a complicated legal dance where each may be prone to abuses from the other. If you’re a tenant in a situation where your landlord has violated the terms of your lease, you may be entitled to a settlement. Similarly, if you’re a landlord who is within your rights to issue an eviction notice, you’ll want to make the process as quick and streamlined as possible.

For Landlords

Dealing with a troublesome or delinquent tenant who you’re within your rights to evict? I can offer a complete solution to expedite the process. As an eviction lawyer intimately familiar with landlord rights in California, I oversee evictions for residential, commercial, and foreclosure properties.

You may also require assistance in court defending a prior eviction, or in creating a demand letter to address intent to sue, breach of contract, return of property, ending illegal activity, or other issues.

The eviction process is known as an unlawful detainer action, wherein a tenant is removed for non-payment of rent or other reasons designated under state law. Let’s resolve your eviction dilemma today. Get in touch to protect your property investment and handle the eviction process legally and swiftly so you can start a new relationship with a better tenant.

For Tenants

You should know your tenant rights in California. Any paying tenant is entitled to a residence that is fit for human habitation. This includes running water, electricity, heat, and appropriate defense against the elements. Tenants additionally maintain the right to a space that is free from health and safety hazards. Under federal law, landlords cannot discriminate against potential tenants based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, or disability.

If you are upholding your lease agreements, paying rent on time, and are not inflicting damage upon the unit, you cannot be evicted prior to the expiration of the lease. If you believe your landlord has violated your rights as a tenant, get in touch to discuss the potential legal action you can take.