Criminal Defense Attorney

If you find yourself facing serious charges and looking for a criminal defense attorney in California, you want top-talent representation who can advocate for you and your future. You might be asking: What do these charges mean? What action can I take? What responses will serve my interests without worsening the situation?

Having assisted thousands of individuals confronting severe legal allegations, I’m here to guide you through any and all proceedings, help you understand your options, and create a strategy we can use to navigate the present circumstances with intelligence and foresight.

I have handled wide-ranging criminal cases in and out of the courtroom—from small misdemeanors to major felonies involving death. In most instances, you can look forward to a full life on the other side of the current situation, but it’s imperative to take the right steps now. I’m here to help you work toward reducing charges or, when possible, dismissing them altogether. These are some of the areas I have dealt in.

Assault & Battery

Assault and battery are frequently grouped together, but are actually two separate crimes with two different penalties. If you have been arrested for either, now is the time to understand the legal categorization for each and prepare a strong defense.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence yields increasingly harsh penalties, even if you’re a first-time offender. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, we are here to consult about the best legal approach moving forward.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes constitute a spectrum of offenses, both large and small—everything from possession of marijuana to trafficking cocaine or methamphetamine. You will want confident, authoritative counsel while under prosecution for drug crimes.

Theft Crimes

These crimes encompass theft of money, credit cards, private information, or physical possessions taken from another individual’s home or car. Defendants should understand the legal specifics surrounding various theft crimes.

Violent Crimes

Defendants should know their rights when facing allegations of violent crime in California. Even amid highly aggressive prosecution, you can protect your freedoms. Give yourself a skilled attorney who can deliberate on your behalf.